Me, Pappy’s Granddaughter

Me and My Pappy

Hi there! I’m Celeste, Pappy’s granddaughter. I remember Pappy as a warm, loving and funny man, who always had time for me. He lived through the first and second world wars, survived the depression and never had too much in the way of money. But he was sure wealthy in one way and that was love. He loved everybody. Even though he didn’t have much, he was one of those guys who’d give you the shirt off his back. He was a cowboy at heart, hard to picture him without his worn cowboy hat on, even had a couple of horses on a little ranch. He put me up on my first (and last) horse and I know he would have taught me how to ride if he’s lived long enough.

Times were always hard for Pappy and I know he had to learn to “use what got and make due”. So here I’d like to share some of my family recipes, some from Pappy, some inspired by him and to share some of his wise old and sometimes funny sayings. Pappy lived in a simpler time, had simple but strong values, and believed in being content, something we could use a little more of today. These recipes and other posts will try to make the most of what you might already have in your pantry or in your life. So pull up a chair and a cup o’ Joe (that’s coffee to you young’uns) and enjoy!