Southern Comfort Dinner

No, there’s no alcohol here, only comforting food with a southern touch. Delicious, juicy barbecued pork chops, sweet potatoes and collard greens. I was never a fan of collard greens, but that was before I started cooking them this way. Even my family, who aren’t big veggie fans to start with, really liked them.

So even if you don’t think you’ll like them, please try them just once like this. Hint: It’s really all about the bacon. This method is also delicious with green beans, by the way! This recipe is all about the collard greens, but maybe later we’ll talk about sweet potatoes and pork chops.

So much of cooking is adjusting for your own and your family’s personal taste. Don’t know if I ever mentioned how important it is to taste your food as you go, being careful of raw meats/poultry of course! Pappy says, ” if you don’t like it, probably nobody else will either!”

Delicious Collard Greens

1 bunch fresh collard greens (will feed about 4 adults)
4-6 strips raw bacon
1 small yellow onion, diced
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
2 teaspoons chicken bouillon granules
Salt and pepper to taste

To get collard greens ready for cooking, wash them of course. They can be pretty sandy. You can let them sit for a bit in some clean water, so the sand/dirt goes to the bottom. You can also rinse and rinse and, guess what, rinse them again. Just make sure they’re clean. “Don’t want no grit and grime in your teeth!”

When greens are clean, remove those big, tough stems all the way up the leaves. These are especially tough and no amount of cooking is gonna change that! Then I like to cut my greens into fairly large bite-size pieces because otherwise, if you leave them whole and you go to eat it, it looks like you’re dragging somethin’ up outta the swamp!

Now, get yourself a fairly large pot, heat it up a little with about a teaspoon of oil, so your bacon doesn’t stick, add your bacon and cook it, just a couple of minutes, until it starts to brown. You just want to “render” it, in other words, the fat starts to melt. Now you want to throw in your onions and cook them til they’re translucent and this is for my daughter-in-law, that means see-through!

Put in your minced garlic and make sure you only cook this for a minute, cuz nobody wants burned garlic. Don’t turn your back on garlic ever! It’ll burn “quicker than a jack rabbit!”

Now put in your greens and give it a stir to cover them all in that delicious bacon fat.

Pour in enough water to cover your greens by about a 1/2 inch. You’ll need to check this periodically as the water boils down. When the water starts to boil, add in your chicken bouillon and stir. You can add more later if it’s not chickeny enough for you. Oh, spell check’s having fun with that one!

Now turn the heat down to simmer and go on about your day for about 2 hours, checking now and then to make sure your pot hasn’t run out of water. The water should always just barely cover the greens. They will cook down quite a bit. So even though it looks like you got enough to feed an army, you don’t.

Then you just eat and enjoy!
Ok, now if you want, you can have some ‘Southern Comfort’.

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